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Very pleased to hear of another equine who has made good progress: "I think he's in a stable enough place to now wrap his distance healing, but I can't thank you enough for the improvement you have had on him! I have already recommended to you to all my friends and will be raving about your treatments for years to come! " SC





'I don't know what you did to Archie while we were away but he was awesome!! Surpassed  my best expectations.' KM


What a great win for one of my equine patients at Aintree today! Weeeeeeeeee!!

        April 10 2015



Very many thanks for your invaluable help over the past few months.
Bob and I are very grateful to you once more for both your healing and sympathetic ear. PS


"Thank you so much for your help and support with Pebbles and for acting so promptly with her distant healing." L&P


"I can never adequately express my thanks and gratitude for all your help and support that you have given me through healing and friendship over the years." D 2010


"Thank you for your kind letter and for improving Molly's life before she died.
In that time she had quite recovered and was sweet and lovely."
J 2009
"We want to thank you for all your wonderful help in so many ways. I don't know how we would have got through the last couple of weeks without your help and healing. I was very aware of an 'inner strength'.  2009
"William had a good season. Unexpectedly especially as we were going to have retired him after he won the Welsh Masters trophy. Happy Christmas."

Horse & Hound    'I Owe it To...'     Royal Bath & West Show 2008
report re. Champion Hunter - Herngate Bucaneer ridden by Cindy Sims of the Harroway Stud
Website link to: Cindy Sims - Harroway Stud


Horse & Hound 19th.June 2008

CHARLOTTE SCHICHT considers that every day her hunter champion, Herngate Bucaneer, is well and happy is a miracle. The nine-year old was operated on at 18 months old to remove a sinal tumour the size of an orange.

"Charlotte and I decided a few years ago that he wasn't going to have anymore invasive veterinary care;' said Cindy Sims,who partnered "Buster" at Bath and West.

"Both my vets, Clive Hamblin and Jo Homes, have been brilliant as they take constant blood tests because his white blood cell count is always low.


 He has B12 boosts and is put on antibiotics when necessary.

"Patrick Kempe is a distance healer who helps Buster and I also feed him homeopathic pills, together with the odd squirt of Bach Flower Remedy.

"I've had Buster seen by a cranial osteopath, but the other vital ingredient to his wellbeing is that he's kept out all the time on good grass:"




" IW is maintaining progress, many thanks.
It was good to speak on the phone last week and I hope these thoughts might be of some help.
You first started to treat IW about 10 years ago while she was having chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant (autologus, ie using her own bone marrow cells) for Hodgkins disease, a viral cancer.She was very ill and her immune system was weak. IW was told she would get lots of infections during her chemotherapy especially when in isolation for her transplant due to the effect of the drugs on her immune system.
Fortunately she did not get as many infections as was predicted and no infection during the transplant . Her time in isolation was the shortest possible due to her fast recovery.The high dose chemotherapy kills all the bone marrow as well as the cancer cells therefore leaving the patient without immunity.
Patients are often left with a compromised immune system after this treatment.
Again IW has done extremely well, getting less infections than her friends and work colleagues over the years.
I feel that her present good health and speed of her recovery after treatment has been helped enormously by your expertise and continued support. If she does get an infection she can often tell when you increased her treatments by the sudden improvement in her condition.
We are most grateful for all your help, With best wishes ...  (Grad Dip Phys.MCSP) 2006


"Dad is making a splendid recovery from his latest operationboth physically and mentally. The cancer has been removed and his breathing improved a great deal.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done to help. Mum andf myself are so greatly relievedand can't believe what a quick, strong recovery he is making, as were the surgeons."  B 2003


"I am very grateful for your help.

I just cannot believe how I have improved and so many people are amzed too."  B.2003



The Challenge of a Lifetime - Four Beats to Freedom
From the South of South Island to the North of North Island, New Zealand 
Mary Pagnamenta said  '..... but I am reassured by having the support of Patrick Kempe, healer, throughout the expedition. 
He is a gifted man with remarkable 'healing hands'. I am a pragmatist in many ways, but I believe that when there is something that works, but that cannot be explained, 
we should accept it as a gift and put it to good use....'





Thank you for a wonderful website.  It truly is a credit to horses past, present & future.  You clearly
can communicate with each & every person who finds your site.  That in itself is a precious gift. 
Many, many thanks for your help.                                                                                  D.H. (Swansea) 9.9.02


"I would like to thank you so much for all the wonderful healing and kind thoughts for our dearest Topsy (cat). R.H.(Devon) 6.9.02
"The ulcers on my leg are now so much better, I would like to try coming off distant healing. I am very grateful for your help I just cannot believe how I have improved and so many people are amazed too. Thank you so much." 
H.B. Poole 20.8.02
Sorcerer's eye has greatly improved and his temperament as well. A lot less nervous. Shiraz's sarcoid dropped off today, it has left no mark at all, in fact I could hardly tell where it had been. C.H. Dorset. 1.11.01
Sparks (pony) has improved literally before our eyes and at the end of each week it is possible to notice a difference in his shape and he is nearly back to the way he was. C.H. Dorchester 14.9.01
'I not only say Thank You three times for helping in the three areas of my life, but wish to let you know how deeply I appreciated that phone call about my horse. As well as being a caring healer, you have a lifetime of experience of equines enabling you to see into their psyche more than most could, not to mention a lot of intuition about what is needed. Thank you so much.'   H.H. Chester.
Just a line to let you know that my teeth and gums are feeling much better 
and good progress has been made. I am most grateful for all your help. 
J.H. Somerset. 30.8.01

'I am most grateful for the healing you have done on my behalf and feel it has made a big difference. I would very much like you continue, please. (Long-standing mouth, gum and teeth problems.)  J.H. Somerset. 20.8.01
'Your work on my legs is definately having a good effect. They are brilliant. A  District Nurse comes once a week to monitor it once a week and the remarks 'I can't believe the improvement, miraculous and amazing'. 
A.B.  Peterborough UK. 6.8.01
'Thank you for the work you've done. There was such a remarkable difference. Well done you!!' S.G. Hampshire.
'Many thanks for your healing.  Yes our German Shepherd has made a very good recovery with your treatment and now enjoys playing with the other one with almost no discomfort. Many thanks for your help. J.S Berkshire.5.6.01
Hampshire, the County Magazine
January 2001
Below is the article written by Christine Pollard 
for Hampshire, the County Magazine

Chrissie Pollard writing for the Hampshire County Magazine says that, "I would like to arrange a meeting of minds between Professor Edzard Ernst, who is busy trying to find out if healers make any difference and Patrick Kempe from New Milton, who has gained a reputation as ‘The Horse Whisperer’ - This title is the one given to a legendary horseman called Tom Booker who had a special gift of healing horses. Actually Patrick Kempe is not wild on the ‘Whisperer’ tag; he prefers Horse ‘Listener’ because that is what he does. They speak to him in the way horses do and he gives them Healing.



Patrick Kempe & Preemus
Photo: Steve Kitcher for 
Hampshire the County Magazine


So who is Professor Ernst and why might he have difficulties with a Horse Listener? The good professor has been part of the House of Lords Science and Technology committee looking at complementary and alternative therapies - He says. "It is time to stop relying on anecdotes and enthusiasts. I am a realist. There is no point in regulating nonsense." Ho hum and amen to that. But what is nonsense and what is not? Patrick Kempe would not argue with Professor Ernst. He says he's a realist about his healing. It is a gift from God which he has felt bounden to use where he can. Sometimes when he is healing people or horses he appreciates that he cannot always save life but he says his gift helps them relax and accept the outcome. But that is rather the gloomier side of his vocation. People say he has had astonishing results all over the world. Ask Val Cowley of Blandford in Dorset. When the vets gave up on Breeze who had injured a joint after crashing into a barbed wire fence. Patrick Kempe cured the horse. And, Professor Ernst brace yourself for this, that was done from thirty miles away while Patrick clutched a bit of Breeze's mane. Then there was Coco who went lame after injuring a knee joint. Three weeks later Coco was jumping again.



Healers: Patrick & Preemus
Photo: Steve Kitcher


 Spiritual Healing was in the Horse Of Lords list of the rather dubious. Healing "promoting health by directing thoughts to an individual" was put in a group labelled as. ‘lacking a firm scientific base, not regulated to protect the public but which gives help and comfort to many people.’ That said. why should we not believe Patrick Kempe and indeed the thousands of people who seem able to heal - Even a paper published in Annals of Internal Medicine found evidence to suggest that healing and prayer have a positive effect on recovery from illness. And for those who think it is all in the mind, horses are a very good example of that being unlikely. Champion three-day eventer Lucinda Green was devastated when Beagle Bay went lame a month before Badminton. She called in Patrick Kempe. The horse recovered and went on to win the world's premier equestrian event. Patrick Kempe impresses because he lives modestly and even after twenty odd years seems pleased and surprised by what he is doing. There is also an eccentric inside him. How many people do you know who gallop bareback across the New Forest in a full moon? He and his horse Preemus do seem to understand each other rather well.



On the Blocks
Photo:Steve Kitcher


He was educated at a public school in Lyme Regis and brought up on the family farm on Exmoor- Horses and ponies were important to all the family and he produced many fine eventers, show horses and show jumpers. His 'powers' became apparent after he had had back trouble and found conventional medicine did not help him- He sent his signature to a lady who specialised in Distant Healing. In six weeks he improved. He and his parents went to have tea with the lady; They too were having some treatment. She told them they didn't need her any more as their son could do it instead if he worked on his ability. And so it started. Healing, working with horses and more prosaically (but paying the mortgage) running a video company. He met his wife Suzanne whilst working at the Fortune Centre for Riding Therapy in Bransgore. She is a fine horsewoman whose main interest is backing and schooling ponies in particular New Forest ponies. They have a young son, Andrew.

Patrick cannot explain how he heals. In horses - and people - he sees ‘shadowy areas’. and often his hands heat up when he is doing one-to-one healing. He sees himself as a channel for energy and while he admits he charges where people can afford it, he will equally give free treatment to those who cannot. "It is an energy, which as far as I'm concerned comes from the Good Lord above, which I pass through the patient whether it is hands-on or distant.'. The idea is to give energy so the body can heal itself.



Two of a Kind.
Photo: Steve Kitcher


He is a Registered Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers which is affiliated to the British Complementary Medicine Association. They are very hot on healers getting permission to do what they do from the person themselves or if that is difficult the next of kin or close friend. The more severe the affliction the more healing is required. He is emphatic that it really doesn't matter whether the person or horse is there or whether it is done at a distance. And I think that this is the bit where Professor Ernst and many of us might have difficulty accepting. He sits in his office with a photo or signature of a person or a piece of hair He concentrates, the energy flows and the animals and people invariably improve.

"I was sceptical too once! But you know we are so terribly lucky these days as there is so much choice. We have authodox medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and so on. If someone feels the doctor or another therapy is better for them then they have that choice."

"One has to be very careful what one says to people. Very realistic and very down to earth. In the worst scenario someone may ring up with only three or four weeks left to live" I can help that person through the dying process and I always treat after the passing. But when I have someone who is going to die I find that once I start working on them they relax so much more. Their discomfort is eased and death is much more rewarding as it should be rather than that dreadful anxiety that wells up in people's minds. However, much of my time is given to fit athletes, competition horses and professional people giving them healing to help them keep at the top of their tree as well as the more mundane aches and pains of dis-ease. You don’t have to be ‘ill’ to benefit from healing."

Meanwhile he cannot get away from his Horse Whisperer image. People who have watched him and his horse Preemus speak of witnessing an extraordinary link of spirits. As you read this, Patrick and Preemus will have performed a freestyle test to music with no tack. That is to say with no saddle and no bridle. I call it 'Riding Free'.



Riding Free with Indian Spear
In Native American Indian costume with spear.


I don't know what Professor Ernst and his committee would make of Patrick Kempe. He attributes his gift to his Maker and whilst his techniques lack hard evidence to prove their effectiveness, his testimonials do seem to give credence to his claims that he can make some people's lives perk up and some horses' tails swish with greater vigour. I think I’m prepared to believe him you know Professor Ernst. If only because I want to.

By Christine Pollard

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2.5.01. Badger (horse) is free from mud fever. Many thanks.     Mrs.G. (Hampshire)
15.2.01. Re fibroid, which over a period of three weeks had resulted in excessive bleeding. 'A very sincere Thank You. I cannot quite believe how quickly you were able to work on it with such total results and in the space of just one week. This is the third success you have had for me. One with my horse's pedal bone and my tennis elbow. I cannot express my thanks deeply enough.' Mrs.R. (Hampshire)

5.2.01 'I am thrilled to say that following my initial Healing session with you my leg has very nearly healed totally (after two years of very little progress). Something else also cleared up and I don't think I mentiooned it at the time. I had been almost completely deaf in my left ear for a long time, despite drops which made no difference. Suddenly about a week after we returned home, I could hear perfectly in that ear! Mrs.B. Leicestershire


15.11.00   Just to let you know that my German Shepherd dog is absolutely wonderful now. We do not notice her bad leg very much at all now. It saved her from having to have an operation. Thank you.  Mrs.C. (Dorset)

Press Reviews
... People say he has had astonishing results all over the world. Ask Val Cowley of
Blandford in Dorset. When the vets gave up on Breeze who had injured a joint ...

July 26th. 1998

Express on Sunday

By the way, I am not a 'Horse Whisperer'
more a person who listens to horses. Subtle difference!
On the whole I try to avoid media attention. However, if people or animals receive Healing as a result of articles or broadcasts, then I feel that it is only right for one's work to be made public.


Below is the article as featured in the Express on Sunday


Tears streamed down riding school boss Val Cowley's cheeks as vets said that two of her favourite animals would have to be put down. Thoroughbred mare Coco was lame after a fall and palomino pony Breeze had injured a joint after crashing into a barbed wire fence. Val refused to give up hope and defying conventional and veterinary wisdom, she called a man known locally as the real-life Horse Whisperer. Clutching a sprig of each or the horses' manes from a distance of 30 miles, healer Patrick Kempe used his special gift to save them.
Now, in a fairy-tale ending to a story with more than an echo or Nicholas Evans' novel 'The Horse Whisperer', Coco and Breeze have both given birth within a week of each other. Yesterday Val told of the pair's miraculous recovery as Coco's young filly Diamond Solitaire and Breeze's colt Golden Sovereign came face to face with their happy mothers' saviour.
Val Cowley, of the Deer Park Riding Stables in Blandford, Dorset, said "When Breeze went into the fence the vet was in no doubt she would have to be put down. I was desperately upset and called Patrick for help. I was crying as I explained the situation to him.' He went quiet for a moment and then said she was going to be okay but that he would need some of her hair. One of my helpers took a snippet from Breeze's mane and drove it over to his house.
'Later on the vet came back but I refused to let him put her down. I stayed up all night with her. Patrick continued treating her and after three weeks, she had recovered enough to go back to enjoy her normal work. Sixteen year old Coco went lame after injuring a knee joint whilst out hunting. Sixteen year old Coco went lame after 
injuring a knee joint whilst out hunting. Her owner at the time gave her to Val, who again contacted Patrick. Three weeks later, the owner returned for a visit and could not believe her eyes when she saw Coco jumping once more.
Over the years, Val has asked Patrick Kempe to use his gift to help 24 animals. She says that he has been able to heal 21 of them. Breeze, a half-arab pony of 14 hands and Coco, 16 hands, are among 35 horses and ponies at Val's Deer Park Riding Stables. 
Healer, Patrick Kempe, 48, was brought up on an Exmoor farm with horses and now lives in the village of New Milton, Hampshire. He has been healing people and animals for over 20 years, ever since a lady healed his back pains by laying her hands on a copy of his signature. One day she told him she did not need to treat him any more because he too had this 'gift'. She then helped him develop his latent skills so that he too could help others.
News of his amazing successes spread by word of mouth and now he has clients, including many household names, athletes and singers across the world. Last night he said: 'I can't explain how the energy transfers from my hands to the patient. All I know is that it does and I just get on with it.' He told how he communicates silently with horses and they help him carryout his healing work by telling him in simple phrases exactly what is wrong with them.

By Nic Fleming

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More photos further on down!



A letter or two. 


6.9.00. Your Healing was much better than that of the surgery nurse for the ulcer. Anyway I am completely cured! Thank you so much! DW Winchester.

16.8.00. My legs have hardly swelled at all for the first time in ages. Mrs.W. Dorset.

14.8.00. My Dad's swallow reflex has returned and he is improving by the hour.      Mrs.T Northants - Dad suffering from a stroke.


14.6.00. I'm delighted to tell you that my blood pressure is now lower than it has been for over a year 150/70. Thank you very much for everything. JR from Somerset.




Hands at Work!


Deer Park Hands on Healing Healing Hands


Christchurch Advertiser August 27th. 1998


Christchurch Advertiser
Below is the article as featured in the Christchurch Advertiser


THE MAN known locally as the real-life Horse Whisperer had his powers for treating animals rejuvenated by his close relationship with his own horse, Primus. In Robert Redford's new film adaptation of Nicholas Evans' tear-jerking bestseller - which opens in local cinemas on Friday - the parents of a 14-year-old girl injured in a horrific riding accident calls on the help of legendary horseman Tom Booker, believing her recovery depends on that of her injured horse. Booker is reputed in equine lore to be a horse whisperer - someone with a special gift of curing tormented horses. The girl and her beloved horse go to see him at his Montana Ranch, where he sets about applying his gentle healing to them both. Since discovering he had a gift for healing 20 years ago, New Milton's very own horse whisperer 48-year-old Patrick Kempe, has been treating people and animals of all kinds but after growing up on an Exmoor farm and having spent most of his life working with horses, it is probably the equine species he understands most of all. When champion three-day event rider Lucinda Green's charge, Beagle Bay, was found to be lame a month before Badminton ~ 1984, she called Patrick in. Not only did the horse recover, it went on to win the world's premier equestrian event. Val Cowley, boss of the Deer Park Riding Stables in Blandford, has asked for Patrick's helpwith 24 animals, and says he has managed to heal 21 of them. A year ago, a lady in Milford asked him to work on her young horse. Patrick gave him Healing and spent much time schooling him. The horse was Preemus, and Patrick enjoyed the five-year-old Welsh-cross-thoroughbred's company so much that he was offered him and has since bought him and goes out to ride him out every day. Soon he hopes to have won his confidence sufficiently to ride him bare-back.
"He has really helped me with my healing work I have noticed it improve. I had a four-year break when I was just concentrating on healing. I wasn't riding at all and I think the distance from animals was getting a bit great. 
The hours I have spent riding him have renewed my connection withhorses, and given me a lot of my motivation back." He says he can communicate silently with horses - and they help him do his healing work by telling him in simple phrases exactly what is wrong with them. I become aware of his feelings. When I am riding him I feel what he is feeling and can translate it into short little phrases - He will tell me if he is anxious or hurting. He is a very talkative horse. I talk back to him softly and allow him to relax. It is of mutual benefit to us both. I just let the energy flow through me to the subject and through its whole body. I can't explain how it does exactly, so I just get on with it, but I know my gift comes straight from the good Lord above"
As well as those subjects which are treated directly by the laying-on of hands, Patrick is also sent small locks of animal hair and people's signatures to work his gift on - a process which he says is equally effective. His discovery came after a friend suggested he see a healer for his chronic back pain. "The doctors did what they could, but I was in no position to ride. I was very sceptical at first when I was told about the healer, but she got me an awful lot better. Then one day she told me I did not need her anymore, as I had the gift myself. She helped me to develop it, and I started treating my family, friends and horses. His friends told other friends and it just grew and grew. Now it is almost a full-time occupation. I do suggest a small charge, but I get a lot of satisfaction from being able to help people." Patrick currently has about 150 cases on-going, including cattle and sheep, and a budgie with an injured beak which he is treating after being sent one of the bird's feathers. The whole family - wife Suzanne, six-year-old son Andrew, their household pets and two New Forest ponies Flame and Toby - all get a weekly re-tuning to ensure their continued well-being.


By Paul Crabtree


By Paul Crabtre

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Western Gazette, July 1998

Western Gazette


'Television, radio and the press have featured the Healing works of Patrick Kempe throughout the years. His work is in great demand by clients from all walks of life, from International Event horses to the family pet and all are important as each other. The majority of his work though is Distant Healing, which enables him to work individually and with more consistency than if by visiting and saves a great amount of time taken up by travelling. In this way, he is therefore also able to treat patients from a variety of different countries. He hopes to eventually establish his own Healing Centre, where patients will be able to visit and a variety of complimentary therapies can be offered.'


Dorset Community Magazine October 1998



Below is the article as featured in the Dorset Communinty Magazine


Profile by Marilyn Ayres
AN INTENSE warmth spread up and down my spine, a sensation that I could only liken to the application of an electrically heated pad. This was no mechanical device, but the hand of healer Patrick Kempe.
When I asked him to explain his skills, he produced a stool and said with a smile: "The best way is a demonstration."
Frankly, I felt he was taking rather a chance. What if I had felt nothing?
Any person who is prepared to treat a sceptical journalist has to be very confident of his powers.
The proof lies in his success, for he has spent virtually his whole adult life healing both people and animals.
Normally in such cases, I like to encourage a bit of name dropping, but I'm afraid that for reasons of confidentiality, Patrick wouldn't reveal one. All we can say is that he treats top class athletes, singers and stars both here and abroad.
But it is for his success with animals, particularly horses, that he has become famous of late, and, much to his amusement, has been labelled as Hampshire's answer to 'The Horse Whisperer' as portrayed by Robert Redford,
a film that he enjoyed, but labelled as a fanciful piece of romantic fiction.
He has recently been featured by national newspapers, GMTV, Meridian and radio programmes. He defines a 'horse whisperer' as "one who understands the desires and feelings of horses. It means that Patrick can communicate with horses in a very special way, understanding the minutiae of their body language. There is also a certain element of telepathy.
The first thing I noticed as I entered his lounge was a coat stand, bearing no coats, just one jockey cap and a number of bridles. I was later to have the disconcerting experience of hearing a neighing from above.
"From my computer," Patrick said smiling.
Educated at a public school in Lyme Regis, he was brought up on the family farm on Exmoor. Horses and ponies were a very important part of his life and he produced show horses, eventers and show jumpers.
"I recognise when I can do no more, and then I can then help them through their natural dying process, and in fact I always continue to treat for three days after the person has passed on. Then I am treating the spiritual soul."
Patrick's home is cosy, but modest, for healing is no big money maker.
"My charges are flexible, and no-one is ever turned away from Healing".
At one time he competed professionally in a number of shows in the Westcountry, in addition to the Royal International Horse Show and the Horse of the Y ear Show. Had he not had a back problem, he may not have discovered his healing powers. "I had competed in gymnastics for the school for a couple of years, but developed back pain, possibly caused by heaving heavy bales of hay. I visited doctors and osteopaths, but there was no improvement. Finally, in desperation, I sent my signature to a lady who specialised in giving Distant Healing, and over a six week period during which we were corresponding, my condition improved." This so intrigued Patrick that he and his parents, who were also having treatment, arranged to have tea with the lady.
"She eventually told my mother that she didn't need me to treat her further, as Patrick could do it."
"I felt strange, humble and excited." I asked Patrick if we all had latent powers.
"To a degree, yes we do. It's a gift that needs developing," he replied.
"I have developed these gifts more than others and it is firmly rooted to Christian thoughts and ideals.
Now before readers start to get an image of some way-out character with longhair, sandals and a far off expression in his eyes, let me assure you that he is very dow-to-Earth. He attends the local C. of E. church and is a normal family man.
He is married to Suzanne, who schools horses and teaches riding, and they have a six year old son, Andrew.
They met at the Fortune Centre for Riding Therapy in Bransgore, and subsequently discovered a number of strange coincidences that could have ultimately drawn them together. None more eerie than the fact that Suzanne's attic
contained a drawing done by Patrick's great aunt!
Treatment by touch is easier for the layman to understand than Radiesthesia, which is a branch of Distant Healing.
He only needs a person's signature or a piece of animal hair to effect his treatment.
"Distant Healing offers greater consistency and can be given instantaneously following a phone call or a letter," he explained.
Patrick, who is a Registered Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers which is affiliated to the British Complementary Medicine Association, stresses that his work is complementary and not alternative, and so therefore patients may continue with their normal medication, surgery or therapies.
"I work alongside doctors and vets." He still rides every day and is a member of the New Forest Riding Club. He has a horse called Preemus whom he regularly rides without a head collar, bridle or saddle
but his competition work is now just for fun.
Patrick not only helps the living process, he can aid those who have come to the end of their life.


By Marilyn Ayres


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The Daily Echo, July 1998

Daily Echo 


A letter or two:
'*SMEAR TEST CLEAR*. Above news wonderful, now to get on with my life!' Mrs.D.B. Somerset
'The mare is in foal' Mrs.B Bridgwater
'I regret that my leg is no better, however, I do feel more cheerful in myself. Thank you for your support.' Mrs.S. Swansea.
'The girls are fine and Nicky is fully recovered and full of life once more.' Mrs.H. West Midlands.
'Cannot thank you enough for giving me healing and I am pleased to say it has been 100% successful so far and it is nearly three months. I am delighted.' Mrs.A.F. London
'Thank you for your help with Ghazi. I think we can stop treatment now as he is going so much better.' Mr.T. Dorset



Report from Bournemouth Echo 24.1.91
Great Dane 'Lulu'


DOG-LOVER Susan Traves believes the power of prayer lifted the death sentence over her Great Dane - thanks to the Echo and spiritual healer Patrick Kempe. His healing gift transformed five year old Lulu from a bag of bones to a healthy dog after vets diagnosed terminal leukaemia, she claims.

Mrs Traves, who picked up Lulu as a starving stray, took the dying animal to the New Milton healer after two separate blood tests, one carried out by Bristol University experts. Both confirmed the killer blood cancer.




She was one of many to contact Mr Kempe after his "gift" was featured by the Echo in September. But Lulu was on the mend after just three visits and healing at a distance, Mrs Traves told the Echo.

She said: "It was a desperate measure. She was just getting weaker and weaker and the vet said there was nothing he could do." "Now she is bouncing around like a puppy - it is unbelievable." Mrs Traves, of Hopkins Close on the Townsend Estate, Bournemouth, said she would return to the healer if any of her animals fell ill - or even if she needed a cure herself.


By Jon Bish


Bournemouth Echo 1990

Bournemouth Echo

Below is the article as featured in the Bournemouth Echo.


Patrick Kempe has a gift. Many call what he does spiritualism - but to him it is the gift of Healing. He applies his gift to people, animals and even, he says, to the spirits of those who have passed on. "Spiritualism is mostly concerned with the deceased," he said.

"What I do is to assist the healing process for people and animals." people and animals. Patrick mainly treats everyday aches and pains through spiritual means, but be bas been called on to help with very different problems. There was farm in Yorkshire where crops would not grow in one particular field, while the family who lived there were troubled by a strange smell that lingered about the house......

Patrick rid the house of the ghost - ‘presence' is the word he prefers only to discover another one in residence, needing a second transfer of energy Then there was the house in Austria where a young couple were convinced they were in the grip of the supernatural. That encounter brought him face to face with the ghost of an old man, bearded and dressed in a heavy green overcoat. The old man told him he desperately, wanted peace. "When the spirit left, it was the most uncomfortable experience I have felt," said Patrick. "It felt as though a rope was being drawn up through my head." "But when it had finished the feeling of warmth in the house was incredible." It turned out the sceptre was the spirit of a scorned lover who bad died in a violent death during the Second World War. 
The technique be uses in cases like this is basically the same as he applies to treating the more common ills of his patients - ills ranging from common coughs and colds to cancer. He describes it as being a kind of spiritual antennae, receiving

 power he believes comes to him from God and transmitting it to his patients. Sometimes the healing involves the laying on of hands, but most of his work is done at a distance using the sufferer's signature on paper to focus on. In the case of an animal, a scrap of hair serves the same purpose. The healing follows a long process of discussion to find out what is wrong and what may have caused the problem, details of which are painstakingly recorded in a special numerical code.

He is not the only healer of this kind, but he is unusual in applying his gift to animal'. Patrick, a former Exmoor hill farmer now living in New Milton, puts this down to a childhood spent close to animals and a deep love of horses.Many of us could become healers, he insists, though most of us do not realise it.

He first became aware of his ability when he himself was cured of back trouble and his healer told him he too had the gift. "One can describe the healing flow as being like having a slurp of hot coffee or schnapps when you feel it percolating down inside you," he said. Sometimes it is a feeling of a comforting, yet pulsating warmth." He began healing friends about 14 years ago, but soon found it taking up more and more of his time. Now he makes a small charge for his services. This money covers calls and postage and helps ends meet during time spent away from his other, more usual occupation as a charity worker. One does not do it for profiteering reasons," he said. "It is very rewarding to be able to help people."

By Jon Bish





MAY 1984

A sensational sixth Badminton win for LUCINDA GREEN is reported on page 4. It was achieved on Beagle Bay, who at 
14 must have seemed destined to live his competitive life in the majesty of Regal Realm's shadow. But, in the absence of the king, Beagle Bay turned in a princely performance which Lucinda did not dream of when she wrote her column shortly before the event.


Beagle Bay
Lorna holds Beagle Bay whilst Lucinda 
gives him his ultrasonic treatment

‘The great news for us is that two and a half months after Beagle Bay was cut very badly under his hind joint out hunting he is walking again.’

Paul Farringdon, our vet, treated him with a special remedy. Patrick Kempe worked his healing on him and the girls were wonderfully diligent about dressing his leg twice every day for ten weeks.

It was fascinating to witness such speedy healing and without any granulation tissue either. To see early on such a horrific cut made us feel it would never mend.


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