(PS: My registered name is 'Primus Inter Pares' but that is rather a mouthful.)
It is with very great sadness that I have to report that Primus 
died suddenly at home on Tuesday 9th. March 2004.
I am so very happy and honoured to have been in his company for six wonderful years.
Words are now inadequate but we have so very many happy memories and photographs 
of a lovely friend, some of which I would like to share with you on our web pages.
Primus - we miss you so much and will remember you always.

Thank you to everyone who spared Preemus a thought. 
Thank you to so many of you who sent e-mails, beautiful cards, wrote letters, rang up, offered kind words and sent gorgeous flowers. 
Thank You. 
I was just so humbled to realise just how many people whose hearts he had touched. 
People whom I did not know or weren't even horsey people, people of all ages. Thank You.

Primus inter Pares

Master of the Stables. (written 2002)

Year 2001: "I am a 7 year old 15.1hh Welsh x TB gelding. I try to be a loyal friend and kind by nature. I know I am inquisitive and love exploring. I try to be adaptable, athletic and I  see the funny side of life. I am told I am very comfortable, willing and co-operative horse to ride. I love jumping, riding out, being involved with anything that's going on, helping with various jobs and taking part in events. I love meeting people, sometimes they offer me a carrot or something nice. With Patrick, I have established a relationship based on Native American Indian traditions and we enjoy regular rides out over the New Forest 'Riding Free'. That is with no saddle or bridle. We also 'Jump Free' and we have competed in dressage  and showjumping 'Riding Free'. I love playing with the football too and standing up high on look-out places."


  Photo: Suzanne Kempe
Posing on a rocky crag 
overlooking Badgeworthy Water.

 Photo: Suzanne Kempe

'Jumping Free'
An Equine Partnership

Photo: Steve Kitcher. 

A Good & Trusted Friend



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The Native American Indian Story of
"The Battle of Wriggerley Snake"







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