The Native American Indian Story of
"The Battle of Wriggerley Snake"


A Wriggerley Snake has been seen nearby, which Little Chief considers a fun thing to play with.

The Snake must be ...err .....dispatched. .... well, killed actually. 

 Little Chief passes Big Chief Lou-zee-Schott his Spear,



with which a few moment's training is


Lou-zee-Schott takes aim at the Wriggerley Snake with his Spear and misses. With much whooping and holloaring in desperation,

he tries again but oh dear, he still can't hit the snake.

After serious thinking - Forward thinking, backward thinking and lateral thinking, he remembers that he can kill Wriggerley Snake with his Bow & Arrows.

Big Chief circles the snake at a good canter and after many attempts from the bow, he fails with arrows raining down around the bemused reptile, now grinning broadly!

Another arrow - another lousy shot!

It is a good thing he has a steady horse.

One last attempt is made but this time the Wriggerley Snake shoots back severely wounding Lou-zee-Schott. Lou-zee-Schoot is dying and falls to the floor calling for his Medicine Horse, Preemus to save him.
His Medicine Horse, Preemus gives him healing through the 'Kiss of Life' in a successful attempt to bring his Master back to life.
He is healed and with abundant joy, Big Chief Lou-zee-Schott scrambles back up on his horse careering off cantering and leaping with delight.
Finally jumping for joy having won back one of his nine lives

However, it must appreciated that this snake is still alive and very venomous. Lou-zee-Schott fires many rounds from his Smoking Gun assuming that he has shot the Wriggerley Snake. But oh dear me no, he has missed again! 

(You can just see the dust flying up as he fires a shot)

So, finally, it is up to Preemus to save us all from this venomous snake and so he does by  rearing high up above the beast and swiftly kills the snake by sheer shock - for not a blow was laid to his head.

Triumphant the Spirit of the Wriggerley Snake is presented to the Four Winds as Preemus turns to face the four points of the compass.

The Snake is alive NO MORE!!


(written and created by Patrick and Preemus 1999)



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