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'By Sea and Forest Enchanted'

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Over 2000 screen shots
23 Chapters 
covering 160 different subjects

Total Length approx : 
2 hours 25 mins

Two-Part, Two DVD Set

£19.75 plus £1.75 p+p


This documentary about Lymington is split into Two-Parts onto two DVD discs 
and presented in one neat presentation case. 
The total time is 2 hours 25 mins. with over 2000 separate screen shots.

Feel the Spirit of Lymington and soak up the atmosphere 
in this historical film on the town 
from the Iron-Age to the Present Day

Part I     Approx. 60 mins
The film covers aspects such as the early settlements on the Quay and St.Thomas.
The Birth of the Town. The Salt Industry and Smuggling.
Hear about the Markets and see where the Town Halls used to be.
The Causeway, crossings and toll gates.
The Church of St.Thomas and All Saints with the glorious peel of Eight Bells.
Men at Arms or a Soldier’s Life in Lymington.
The numerous Inns crop up throughout the film. Education and it’s origins.
Priestlands School and Pennington. The Community Centre.
The Workhouse and Medical Matters.

Part II Approx. 85 mins
Much of Lymington’s past has been to do with the sea and these are covered in Maritime Moments.
Find out about the Branch Line Railway and the the success of Wellworthy.
All work and no play would make Lymington a dull place.
Enjoy the frolics of the carnivals past and present.
Explore the High Street, the old and the new shops. 
Pay a visit to the Farmers' Market before enjoying a last stroll on the Quayside
culminating with the Rotary Club’s firework display.




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