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Meeting LORENZO 'The Free Man'





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Share his Passion and Emotion. Experience the Action.





RUNNING TIME : 1 hour 30 mins.
(Subtitle: English, Deutsch, Español) 

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Display rider and horse teacher of worldwide fame, Lorenzo displays an unrivalled performance with his 8 Lusitano horses: standing on the back pair he has complete control of formations of 4, 6 and 8 horses at a gallop weaving through his reeds, over jumps whilst crossing over each others tracks    .......... Lorenzo has now gone further to achieve a pure performance totally free from any bridled control.

In the DVD we share the life of a secret and hard working man through training sessions and rides through the Camargue and in the sea. We discover little by little Lorenzo's inner motivations and emotions as to to why he seeks to ride free from the reins. To do so, he has to summon up all his expertise as a horse teacher and the caring trust that connects him in the strangest way to his equine companions.

Thus from the Camargue to the UK, Stockholm to Oman, this intimate 90 minute documentary gives us the opportunity
to share the quest of an extraordinary artist and horseman: Lorenzo
With his uncluttered and simple direction, Stephane Roland reveals the caring confidence that connects Lorenzo and his horses. This film was awarded the 2006 best documentary prize at the Cabourg International Equestrian Film Festival and the "Stylo d'Or" for the best Film of the Year by the French equestrian Press Association awarded during the Equestrian Exhibition in Paris.


A few clips from the DVD


Lorenzo’s presentation video-clip


Presentation:    "Best documentary" at the FESTIVAL EPONA

In 2006 the Epona Festival presented 44 documentaries (22 French and 22 foreign ones, from 16 different countries).  Once again, the selection proved extremely hard.  The organising committee received as many as 450 films, from a total of 30 different countries, making choosing extremely difficult even though the selection criteria have remained the same from the start: interest and relevance of the subject, originality of the treatment, quality of the scenario (if applicable) and beauty of the pictures… All the countries and all the channels, therefore, compete on a level playing field. This year, once again, the final selection confirmed this, with high-budget and low-budget productions ranked side by side. We have just one watchword, and that is quality. 
Over the last few years, foreign films had featured strongly in our selection.  Less so this year, not that their quality has gone down but, simply, that French productions are of a very  high standard. The members of the jury had the extremely difficult task of making a final selection: only one winner is admitted in each category. 
" Lorenzo, l'homme libre", Stephane ROLAND’s latest documentary, won the best documentary  prize at the 13th Epona Festival, that took place on the 6th, 7th and 8th of October at 
Cabourg (France).This festival selects and rewards the best audiovisual productions featuring horses. The forty-four films from different countries, selected from amongst more than 450 competition entries, spanned a host of categories including fiction, documentaries, story coverage, news and publicity. 
Every year, the jury of the Festival of Epona brings together personalities from the worlds of 
cinema, the audiovisual arts, art and sport, all passionate about horses. This year’s jury was presided over by the famous actor, FRANCIS HUSTER, who handed the winner the top prize, an equestrian statue by the famous artist, Arman. 
" Lorenzo, l'homme libre", Stephan ROLAND’s documentary, takes us to the 
heart of Lorenzo’s universe. Lorenzo, a self-taught artist, inflames audiences around the 
world with his unique show of acrobatics on horseback, combining athletic performance 
with the sensitivity of an exceptional horse trainer. He is the idol of young riders everywhere, unanimously acclaimed by the international press and acknowledged  by many of the world’s greatest international riders. No doubt, Lorenzo is magical and his talent remains a mystery. This is a very special production. None of the scenes in the movie are set.  Reality alone is in play as Stéphane Roland, a highly creative documentary producer, knows instinctively where and when to place his camera in order to film what is invisible and tell the story of what is ineffable. 
A  film which reveals with genuine simplicity and natural refinement the affection and trust that bind LORENZO to his horses. As the adventure unfolds, and this documentary is certainly an adventure, the character traits of the horses take shape and they become the actors without any photographic stunts. For a whole year, Stéphane ROLAND followed closely, step by step, the creation of a new act. The originality of his approach consisted in being there, unnoticed, and working in symbiosis with LORENZO and his companions in order to observe and capture, but without interfering in any way, this strong relationship between the man and his horses. 
The film was shot mainly in the Camargue, but also in Sweden and Oman, and develops against a backdrop of grandiose landscapes, thanks to Stephane ROLAND’s scenic talents. 
This moving film takes us beyond the world of horses.  It also translates Stephane ROLAND’s love of open country (his home country, the snow-capped Pyrenees region, is no less spacious and wild) and his passion for “Liberty”, a thrilling concept that permeates the entire film.
An exceptional production, awarded the best documentary of the year prize at the Epona festival, in the face of strong competition from top level, foreign films.